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Food & Feed

Food and feed are the source of life for humans and animals alike. Their quality has an immediate effect on our health. From farm to fork, food quality can be influenced by environmental … more

Nutraceutical & Supplement

Nutritional supplements are nutrients or certain substances with specific nutritional or physiological effects. Many people take various forms of supplements to boost health and … more

Beauty, Wash & Care

Cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products need to be effective yet dermatologically and environmentally harmless. … more

bilacon Berlin – a Tentamus company

Do you require assistance in quality control, product safety and hygiene for your products and services? As a laboratory and consulting service provider* bilacon is your reliable partner, officially authorised by cross-checking experts.

With over 25 years of expertise, a comprehensive and an accredited analysis spectrum, we assist you in all matters relating to food, feed, nutraceuticals, health beauty and care safety – including customised solutions. As part of the Tentamus Group, our full-service global network enables us to offer complete analytics and innovative solutions that meet national and international requirements for external quality and safety control.

We take a solution-oriented and flexible approach to the sensory, instrumental, physio-chemical and microbiological analysis of your goods when it comes to quality, ingredients, sanitation, pollution or regulatory compliance. We guarantee the highest safety and competence with the latest technical equipment and highly qualified, continuously trained staff. The reliability of our analyses is regularly verified by successful proficiency tests. Numerous references are evidence of the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

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We would be glad to make you an offer tailored to your needs. We look forward to your inquiry and finding the best solution for you! bilacon – a lab for life.

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Memberships and cooperation

bilacon is active in the following professional societies and committees:German Agricultural Society (DLG), German Federation of Food Law and Food Science e. V., German Fruit Trade Association e. V., German Association of the Meat Industry e.V. , German Association of Independent Testing Laboratories, German Tea Association e. V., The Grain and Feed Trade Association, Association of German Mills



bilacon’s customers include the biggest names in retail and wholesale trade as well as exporters and associations. Precisely measured results and a tailored service form the basis of a trusting relationship that has met the diverse requirements of our customers for over 20 years.


Lates News

Tolerability of cosmetics

The most common trouble with cosmetical products are allergies and skin intolerances after usage. These can appear with itchy, inflamed or red skin – very uncomfortable. Especially in the upcoming winter season, people prefer cremes and moisturizers to protect their skin from cold temperatures. Choosing the right and appropriate product facing a great variety in ... Continued

Listeria in Food and Feed

Listeria belongs to the family of bacteria which additionally contains 9 other species. Listeria monocytogenes can cause diseases and infections in humans and animals. It can be found in soil, plants and water, hence makes it way into food and feed. Therefore it is very important to test products which could have been in contact ... Continued

EU control regulation 2017/625 - what's new?

The value and importance of the safety of foods has increased significantly the last couple years. Consumers expect safe and high-end food as well as more transparency and information. Therefore a traffic light / smiley system has been established in ten EU-countries so far. Building a legal basis for food control in the entire  European ... Continued

Analyses of Nutraceuticals

Especially in the last decade, the nutraceutical industry experienced a massive growth. Nutraceuticals are defined as a kind of food which aim to provide health benefits such as prevention and treatment of diseases and are an addition to the basic nutritional values of food. They are commonly sold in medical forms e.g. pills, drinks or ... Continued

Sensory Testing

In the current market environment, sensory qualities of food are gaining in importance. Qualified tests help you to assess the potential success of an existing product or a new market entry. Professional sensory analyses are also used in the domain of standardization of product ranges as well as in the course of the assessment of ... Continued

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